Finding The Career That You Love

Congratulations for registering for “Finding the Career that You Love”. Over the 3 episodes you will gain all the tools that you need to begin your journey. Below each Episode there are worksheets for you to download. You will also need a pen and highlighter. There is also a bonus “Bootcamp” video included in your registration, on “How to Make Good Decisions About Your Future” which talks about what we all need to do to be future proof.

Knowing Yourself and your Value – Episode 1

By looking inwards and understanding what is important to you, what inspires you and where your strengths lie, you will gain the keys to figuring out where you best fit, where you will gain enjoyment and satisfaction, and what environment and workplace will best suit you.

Start your journey towards building the future that you want, with the first of 3 episodes.


Identifying your values

Discovering your Interests

Identifying your Strengths