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Love Your Career Values Card Sort


Values are the things that are most important to you, developed from your upbringing and solidified over your life. They are often so ingrained in you that you may not be consciously aware of what they are.

Identifying your values is one of the most important aspects to understanding what needs to be part of your future, and will help you to consider what choices will work for you.

This card sort provides a comprehensive list of values to think about what is important not only in work, but also in life.

With this knowledge, you can then figure out what is missing and how to address it, what needs changing to provide what you need, or what option is going to be the best for you to pursue.


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  • Instructions
  • 4 Header cards (Teal)

­   Absolutely essential to have these to be happy

­   Important to have these to be happy

­   Nice to have but not that important to have these to be happy

­   Don’t need these to be happy

  • 15 Inherent Values cards (Blue)the values that motivate me to love what I do, day after day
  • 22 Conditions cards (Red)the conditions that provide me with an optimum environment for me to thrive
  • 28 Activities cards (Orange)the content of whatever I do that I find most satisfying and engaging
  • 16 Relationships cards (Cream)- the interactions with others that are most important to me
  • A Comprehensive Workbook with a number of activities and worksheets to record non-negotiable values, and identify the strategies to put in place to work towards getting them met.