Career Coaching

Career Coaching

Are you making a decision about your future?

Whatever age or stage you are at in your career journey – starting out, recently graduated, returning to paid work, unhappy in your current role, or facing a change that you didn’t see coming, making decisions about your future can often be overwhelming, daunting and scary. There is so much information out there – how do you make sense of it? How do you know what is right for you?

Caroline will work with you to demystify and simplify the process, equipping you with the right tools and the knowledge to make good decisions for your future and create the life that you want.

In our sessions you will:

  • Gain an in depth understanding of who you are, what is important to you, what interests you and what your personality is
  • Increase your knowledge and understanding of the market and the opportunities that are out there
  • Identify the steps towards what you want that suits both who you are and what opportunities there are
  • Put together a strategy of how to achieve your goal, with the realistic steps of how to make that happen

To make good decisions about your future career, book a session today and begin creating the life that you want, the life that you dream

Interview Coaching

Interview Coaching

Get ready for your interview the right way.

We know how scary the interview process can be. What if you can’t think of the right answers, your mind goes blank or you get a question that you didn’t see coming? It can be nerve racking!

Caroline has successfully coached dozens of individuals in how to master the interview, combining her experience as a recruiter and her formal training in the process.

Learning how to create a good impression and what to expect, the typical questions that come up and how to best prepare for them, and practicing and getting feedback on your answers, could be the best investment towards securing the job that you want.

Book a session today to give you the confidence and preparation to be the best that you can be for your interview.

Job Search Strategies

Job Search Strategies

When you are searching for a job you need the right strategy.

It can be a really tough job market out there! Even though you might be applying for 10’s or 100’s of jobs, you ask yourself, why can’t I get any of them? What am I doing wrong?

The biggest issue is HOW you tackle the job market. Most people will apply for jobs that are advertised – maybe on Seek, or on TradeMe or on Indeed.

Many will post their CV on line and send their CV to a Recruiter.

But only a few will tap into the Hidden Job Market.

What if I was to tell you that 70% of the jobs that are available are found in this Hidden Job Market, and only 30% are in what most and many people do. Would that change how you went about looking?

Book in a Session today to learn about the Strategies of the Successful Job Search and how to tap into the jobs that are hidden from most people.

Curriculum Vitae Development

Curriculum Vitae Development

You need the right curriculum vitae to sell yourself.

A successful CV is NOT about writing about everything that you have ever done. A successful CV is your marketing document that sells YOU for the role that you are interested in or are looking for.

First you must identify WHAT the role is that you are applying for or are interested in, and what the potential employer is looking for.

Second you must then identify what you have in way of experience, knowledge and skills that meet this criteria.

Third you need to give evidence of how you have met this criteria.

And last put together your marketing document or CV in a way that talks about you that gets noticed, identifying what you have to offer and your achievements, whilst meeting what your potential employer is looking for!


Caroline has written 100’s of CVs now coaches her clients in how to use this formula, gaining excellent feedback and success.

If you want to develop a CV that sells you for the job that you want, book a coaching session today.

Personality Profiling

Personality Profiling

To know yourself is to offer the best you can to any role.

Knowing your personality type can help you to discover your perfect career and much more. Whether you are just starting out, looking for a change or exploring other options, understanding your personality type will help you effectively manage your transitions, enrich your current career choice and help you identify opportunities that will best suit your unique talents.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® is the world’s most popular personality profiling tool, and has helped millions of individuals around the world to learn more about themselves, their unique gifts, communication preferences, strengths and possible areas of development.

Caroline Sandford, Career Specialist, is accredited to administer and interpret the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®).

Taking the MBTI® not only gives you an in depth understanding of yourself, it will also help you appreciate people who differ from you.  Understanding your MBTI® is self-affirming and enables you to make well informed decisions about your future.


Personality Type is a theory developed by Swiss psychiatrist Carl G. Jung (1875 – 1961) who studied people’s behaviour for many years. His extensive research and writings have contributed enormously to the field of psychology including our understanding of the structure of the human psyche, conscious and unconscious life, archetypes and natural personality differences.

Jung noticed that much human behaviour that appears random follows clear and predictable patterns related to a few basic personality differences.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® was developed by Katharine Briggs (1875-1968) and her daughter Isabel Myers(1897-1980), to identify personality type.

Katharine and Isabel were keen and disciplined observers of human personality differences.  They studied and elaborated on the ideas of Jung and applied them to understanding people around them.  Prompted by the waste of human potential in World War II, Myers began developing the Indicator to give a wide range of individual’s access to the benefits she found in knowing psychological type and appreciating differences.

This questionnaire has been designed to make Jung’s theory of personality understandable and useful in everyday life.  MBTI® results identify valuable differences between normal, healthy people, differences that can be the source of much misunderstanding and miscommunication.

Take the MBTI® today and gain the insights into how you work best, what environments will help you excel and what jobs are going to be best suited for you.

Online Learning Courses

Free Online Learning Courses

Learn online with Virtual Live Classrooms.

Learn everything you need to know about all of these services by joining Caroline online in Virtual Live Classrooms.  Caroline covers every subject online that the one on one coaching provides in an easy to follow, online course program.

Learn at your own pace and have access to online resources, templates, guides and even interact with Virtual Live Classrooms run by Caroline through social media and this website.



1. Knowing yourself and your value. Did you know that very few people know exactly what they want to do with their lives? By looking inwards and understanding what is important to you, what inspires you and where your strengths lie, you will gain the keys to figuring out where you best fit, where you will gain enjoyment and satisfaction, and what environment and workplace will best suit you.

This is the first of 3 online sessions to start your journey towards building the future that you want.

2. Exploring Options. Building on Episode 1, learn the steps and skills to look outward at the opportunities that are in line with who you are and what you want. Learn how to effectively connect with the people and organisations to help you secure the role that you want.

Continue on your journey to create the future that you want for yourself.

3. Putting your Plan into Action. Do you find that you might have great ideas, but don’t often put them into action. The final session in this series will give you the tools to implement your ideas and put your plan in place. Learn the secrets to building effective and realistic goals that you can achieve. This last session will pull all your learnings from Episode 1 and 2 to enable you to take action towards your future.