Susan Jarrett

After over twenty years working in the Medical field Susan talked to Caroline about how she could change her direction. Here is her story….

“I was unhappy with my career and had been for a long time, however because I didn't know what else I could do, or what inspired me, I kept changing jobs within the same profession but with increasingly dissatisfaction.

Finally, I realised my unhappiness at work was affecting my life outside of work and I had lost the "real me". That is when I phoned Caroline and asked her for help. I needed someone to help me figure out what I was looking for in my next career move, someone that could guide me to take the plunge and help me make the change.

I was pretty scared about changing career because I had been in the same industry my entire working career and in similar positions for a long time. I didn't know what to expect, I just knew I needed assistance and I was prepared to be open to new ideas that would improve my working life into the future.

Caroline and myself worked together over a number of intensive sessions at which time it became crystal clear to me the reasons for my unhappiness in my jobs and what I should be looking for in a new career. She used a variety of career counselling tools with me which highlighted the things holding me back and what I really needed going forward, and also gave me support and courage to make different decisions.

I learnt that having someone experienced helping me with my search for a new career was vital. On my own, I had been going round in circles and making no changes. With the tools and assistance provided by Caroline, I had the confidence and knowledge to research different careers until I found the right one for me.

While working with Caroline I understood my core values in life and the impact of these on making me feel that I had "lost my soul" at work. I was then determined to find a better fit in my next career move.

Now, I have a new business as a Building Designer which is prospering and of which I gain enormous satisfaction. I loved the process of retraining and now also teach part of the course that I took, with an aim to inspire others as I was inspired. I finally feel that I have found the right profession for me and feel much happier for it.

I would definitely recommend Caroline...she helped me change my life, of which I am incredibly thankful.

Thank you Caroline...thank you for helping me change my life by sharing your skills and providing me with courage

Susan Jarrett