Our new normal of working is yet to unfold

What a strange two years we have had - so much has happened globally with Covid-19 that it is easy to lose track of all that we have been navigating. Lock downs, vaccinations, vaccine pass, PCR tests and RATs, mask wearing, closed borders, essential workers, contact tracing – this became the new norm for all of us. The impact...

The great expectations of graduates

When I secured my first full time ‘serious’ job after completing my Master of Arts in Industrial Psychology, I had great expectations of what I would be doing. I had spent the last six years studying hard whilst my friends were off doing their OE. My hard work was now going to pay off, and I was recruited as...

Get out of my life!

When I was navigating the trials and tribulations that comes with raising teenagers, a well meaning friend lent me the book, ‘Get Out of My Life, but First Could You Drive Me & Cheryl to the Mall: A Parent's Guide to the New Teenager”, by Anthony E. Wolf. I laughed at the title, because it represented the heart of...

Turning your hobby into a business

love your career
Turning your hobby into a business - sounds ideal doesn’t it – doing something that is fun and making money! But I often get the feedback from clients that they are scared to go down this track – what if their hobby becomes a task, and they lose the enjoyment that they currently get from it. What if it...

Why It Is Important To Get Career Help From A Professional

Caroline Sandford Love Your Career
Throughout our lives, we can be faced with many situations such as not being clear about career direction, returning to the paid workforce after a break, facing a sudden change in job situation and having to reassess, not knowing how to successfully secure a job, wanting to change direction in career, and so forth. In these situations, the benefit...

When Motivation Is Hard To Find…..

When you feel unmotivated
I love what I do. But sometimes, like many of you I am sure, my motivation can be lacking. And I struggle because I am doing what I love! When the energy, excitement and creativity that I had is waning and I start questioning myself and wonder whether maybe I have got it wrong, and all the work that...

Questions to help you to reflect on your year

Christmas is so close. The festive spirit is well and truly alive and productivity is definitely not at its peak. Many of you will be hanging out for a break, the extra days off and the chance to recharge after another long year. Some of you will have had your best year yet (lucky you!) and others will have been...

Job search tips from Recruiters

I recently had the opportunity to attend an event with a panel of three recruiters from three very different industries. The first organisation has over 30,000 employees, and is New Zealand’s largest retail grocery company. The second is one of the world’s largest hotel tourism groups, and the third is a leading global super premium wine company. The information...

Why do we celebrate Labour Day?

We hang out for Labour Day in New Zealand – it is months since the last public holiday which seems an eternity when facing the winter months! However, Labour Day is nearly upon us, with a long weekend and hopefully settled weather. I thought it would be a great opportunity to understand why labour day is a public holiday...

What are your strengths?

I was privileged to attend the World of Wearable Arts (WOW) this year in Wellington. What a visual extravaganza! The amount of work that goes into producing this highly polished production, creatively showcasing the many national and international entrants, has to be celebrated. I have come away inspired. The many hours of labour of love that goes into each design to...