Why is LinkedIn important when looking for a job?

using linkedin for job search
Why is LinkedIn important when looking for a job? LinkedIn is the go to portal for professional networking, and yet so many people I talk to still don’t have a profile, or started a profile that they began some years ago and have never looked at it again. Yet with the membership of LinkedIn being over 465 million + worldwide,...

Job search tips from Recruiters

I recently had the opportunity to attend an event with a panel of three recruiters from three very different industries. The first organisation has over 30,000 employees, and is New Zealand’s largest retail grocery company. The second is one of the world’s largest hotel tourism groups, and the third is a leading global super premium wine company. The information...

Upcoming Workshops LIVE July and August

Career TV Episode 1
START THE JOURNEY TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE - 3 SESSIONS Join in for the LIVE streamed session, only available if you have booked and secured your place. Cost: $75 for all three. PURCHASE and BOOK HERE Finding the Career You Love - Thursday 27th July 2017 11am Did you know that very few people know exactly what they want to do with...

Questions to help you to reflect on your year

Christmas is so close. The festive spirit is well and truly alive and productivity is definitely not at its peak. Many of you will be hanging out for a break, the extra days off and the chance to recharge after another long year. Some of you will have had your best year yet (lucky you!) and others will have been...

Graduates – Help is here!

love your career who are you
Graduates – Help is here! It seems so long ago since I graduated (well it is!), but having 2 children recently in the same boat, I have come to the conclusion that not much has changed! I graduated with a Master of Arts (Hons.), and expected that my 5 year’s study would open up doors. I believed that when I...

How to stay positive in the job search

Looking for a job can be very disheartening and frustrating - you may apply for many roles, often not getting to the interview stage or even an acknowledgement that you actually applied! However, it is very important to work on staying positive throughout this stage. Not only will your positivity keep you motivated in the search, but how you...

When Motivation Is Hard To Find…..

When you feel unmotivated
I love what I do. But sometimes, like many of you I am sure, my motivation can be lacking. And I struggle because I am doing what I love! When the energy, excitement and creativity that I had is waning and I start questioning myself and wonder whether maybe I have got it wrong, and all the work that...

What do I do when I am really unhappy in my job?

unhappy in your career
What do I do when I am really unhappy in my job? We often start the new year with new energy, revived from having some down time at Christmas and think this year will be MY year! I have had many conversations with friends and clients who were so relieved to get to the end of last year. They were...

The importance of researching job options in person

When I work with clients, one of the main things I do is introduce them to how to make good quality and well informed decisions for themselves. This can often be the first time that my clients have stopped and thought about what they actually want! The first step in making good decisions for your future, is to gain awareness...

Why It Is Important To Get Career Help From A Professional

Caroline Sandford Love Your Career
Throughout our lives, we can be faced with many situations such as not being clear about career direction, returning to the paid workforce after a break, facing a sudden change in job situation and having to reassess, not knowing how to successfully secure a job, wanting to change direction in career, and so forth. In these situations, the benefit...

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