Get out of my life!

When I was navigating the trials and tribulations that comes with raising teenagers, a well meaning friend lent me the book, ‘Get Out of My Life, but First Could You Drive Me & Cheryl to the Mall: A Parent's Guide to the New Teenager”, by Anthony E. Wolf. I laughed at the title, because it represented the heart of...

What are your strengths?

I was privileged to attend the World of Wearable Arts (WOW) this year in Wellington. What a visual extravaganza! The amount of work that goes into producing this highly polished production, creatively showcasing the many national and international entrants, has to be celebrated. I have come away inspired. The many hours of labour of love that goes into each design to...

Learning new skills to future proof your career

I have been challenging myself this year, having completed a Coaching Certification and currently studying a Certificate in Conversational Maori. I have always had a passion for learning, having had nine years at university over the years and attending many professional development events. But lately it has been a real challenge to fit my learning into my daily life....

The Art of Networking

I was recently reading an article about networking and how technical skills and knowledge accounts for 15% of the reason for getting, keeping and advancing in a job, and 85% of success is about people skills! A big number I know, and yet a similar statistic is continually repeated in different ways – 20% jobs are found through traditional...

Turning your hobby into a business

love your career
Turning your hobby into a business - sounds ideal doesn’t it – doing something that is fun and making money! But I often get the feedback from clients that they are scared to go down this track – what if their hobby becomes a task, and they lose the enjoyment that they currently get from it. What if it...

Upcoming Workshops LIVE July and August

Career TV Episode 1
START THE JOURNEY TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE - 3 SESSIONS Join in for the LIVE streamed session, only available if you have booked and secured your place. Cost: $75 for all three. PURCHASE and BOOK HERE Finding the Career You Love - Thursday 27th July 2017 11am Did you know that very few people know exactly what they want to do with...

Why is LinkedIn important when looking for a job?

using linkedin for job search
Why is LinkedIn important when looking for a job? LinkedIn is the go to portal for professional networking, and yet so many people I talk to still don’t have a profile, or started a profile that they began some years ago and have never looked at it again. Yet with the membership of LinkedIn being over 465 million + worldwide,...

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The great expectations of graduates

When I secured my first full time ‘serious’ job after completing my Master of Arts in Industrial Psychology, I had great expectations of what...

Get out of my life!

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