Why we need to stay current with technology

The world is moving at a rapid pace and unless we keep current and stay up to date with what is going on, we are in danger of being left behind. This can be a very scary concept, especially for those who are not digital natives, and all technology is new learning. So how can you keep pace without...

Beating the Winter Blues

The winter is really upon us, having just passed the shortest day. With the cold and fewer sunlight hours, we can naturally feel down. There is even a disorder called “Seasonal Affective Disorder” which some people experience as these days grow shorter and darker. But we don’t have to accept these winter blues – there are many things that we...

The Art of Networking

I was recently reading an article about networking and how technical skills and knowledge accounts for 15% of the reason for getting, keeping and advancing in a job, and 85% of success is about people skills! A big number I know, and yet a similar statistic is continually repeated in different ways – 20% jobs are found through traditional...

Is the CV dead?

Your CV is your marketing document to get the interview for the role that you are applying for. There is no one “correct” format, and most people will have their own preferred way to put one together. But with the digital age upon us, is the CV dying? Not yet! But with the increased use of technology, it is predicted that...

What can we learn from NZ Creatives

Love Your Career and get good advice from Caroline Sandford
What can we learn from NZ Creatives It’s NZ Music Month this May, and we have so much to celebrate for the amazing talent we have here. Along with many others, I am a big fan of Lorde, and have followed her career closely – from the release of her first song – Royals – to her latest performance at...

Why is LinkedIn important when looking for a job?

using linkedin for job search
Why is LinkedIn important when looking for a job? LinkedIn is the go to portal for professional networking, and yet so many people I talk to still don’t have a profile, or started a profile that they began some years ago and have never looked at it again. Yet with the membership of LinkedIn being over 465 million + worldwide,...

What do I do when I am really unhappy in my job?

unhappy in your career
What do I do when I am really unhappy in my job? We often start the new year with new energy, revived from having some down time at Christmas and think this year will be MY year! I have had many conversations with friends and clients who were so relieved to get to the end of last year. They were...

Graduates – Help is here!

love your career who are you
Graduates – Help is here! It seems so long ago since I graduated (well it is!), but having 2 children recently in the same boat, I have come to the conclusion that not much has changed! I graduated with a Master of Arts (Hons.), and expected that my 5 year’s study would open up doors. I believed that when I...