Spring is here – and it is time to take stock!

Wow – we have made it to Spring! The season of new beginnings and opportunities! This is a great time to take stock and reflect on what is spring all about. It is the season of sheading off the cold and darkness of winter, about new growth, about renewal, about activity and about planning new beginnings. So let Spring be...

Learning new skills to future proof your career

I have been challenging myself this year, having completed a Coaching Certification and currently studying a Certificate in Conversational Maori. I have always had a passion for learning, having had nine years at university over the years and attending many professional development events. But lately it has been a real challenge to fit my learning into my daily life....

The time for change is now……

How have we nearly got to September – the first day of spring so quickly? I don’t know about you, but time seems to be going by faster and faster. Some of the ideas I had at the beginning of the year – the ones that I was going to put aside to think through and implement – are...

Time to stop the busy-ness

I have just come in from a meeting that went longer than intended – this is after an early morning client, before which I managed to get a quick walk in. But now I am returning client calls, doing last minute preparation for an important meeting before I will rush into Auckland traffic to attend a 3 hour class....

The importance of researching job options in person

When I work with clients, one of the main things I do is introduce them to how to make good quality and well informed decisions for themselves. This can often be the first time that my clients have stopped and thought about what they actually want! The first step in making good decisions for your future, is to gain awareness...

How to stay positive in the job search

Looking for a job can be very disheartening and frustrating - you may apply for many roles, often not getting to the interview stage or even an acknowledgement that you actually applied! However, it is very important to work on staying positive throughout this stage. Not only will your positivity keep you motivated in the search, but how you...

Upcoming Workshops LIVE July and August

Career TV Episode 1
START THE JOURNEY TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE - 3 SESSIONS Join in for the LIVE streamed session, only available if you have booked and secured your place. Cost: $75 for all three. PURCHASE and BOOK HERE Finding the Career You Love - Thursday 27th July 2017 11am Did you know that very few people know exactly what they want to do with...

Career TV Bootcamp – How to make good decisions about your future

Career TV Episode 1
Career TV Bootcamp - How to make good decisions about your future In the first bootcamp in the series for career changers, Caroline shares how the world is changing, how this will affect your career and how you can prepare yourself for these changes. Watch On Facebook

The Portfolio Career

With all the “disruptive innovation” going on around us – the increased development and use of smart technology, automation, artificial intelligence and robotics, our entire world is changing – and at a very rapid rate! It is a very exciting and scary time. With these developments, the need to be adaptable and flexible, and to continually reassess what we...

Why we need to stay current with technology

The world is moving at a rapid pace and unless we keep current and stay up to date with what is going on, we are in danger of being left behind. This can be a very scary concept, especially for those who are not digital natives, and all technology is new learning. So how can you keep pace without...

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The great expectations of graduates

When I secured my first full time ‘serious’ job after completing my Master of Arts in Industrial Psychology, I had great expectations of what...

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